self improvement  : SELF BRAINWASHING , a how to guide.

Morality and Values :   


Summary :   I propose to impose charm school as part of our weekly educational mandates, meaning courses regularly teach  manners, morals, ethics, the history of, and work towards instilling the self discipline the children and adults of our ORDER and CHURCHES are NOT gaining from our modern educational or religious centers.  And to make such courses mandatory and intense for those who are weak and un-disciplined, such as all convicted prisoners, as a form of training program to work towards rehabilitating those who CAN BE rehabilitated, and quickly identifying those who desire to change and improve, and those who do not. 

   Put another way, all members of the Empirical Order, would be required as mandatory to follow such a program of self development as described here, while the public at large who may use CHURCHES and it's operations would be free to do as they choose, but incouraged to try. 




Morality on Earth :

What I present here, is meant to address a very large issue, which is the decline of the moral fiber of the world, as our society progresses into looser and looser standards of behavior and social norms. (Degenerates) 
  The truth is, we cannot force people to go to church, but we can teach religion in a general sense, and promote the values of religion, and in doing so inspire the children of America to realise the value of having religious moral values in their lives and their future childrens lives, and to do this, to reverse the destructive effect of secular tolerance, we must transform the churches into active tools to promote those proper values.

   The church would never suggest that laws should be passed to enforce morality, or make clean religious living mandatory, no, no, no... yet, what it teaches is standards and protocols about clean religious living as defined by the sciences and guided by scriptures and so we are willing to promote what can be adopted by governments if they choose, such that we promote these common moral and ethical values to our nations people and it's media at large, and in our prison systems, as a way of pushing back against the decline in the moral fabric of our culture.      (There is good and bad, and we must, MUST, promote the good.) A bias towards good, is good.

    And the following discusses how, and why, and when and where these promotional efforts can and should, or otherwise could be done, as mandatory within the ORDER and CHURCH.

     There are of course some who will say that the following is completely unnecessary, and they are the anti-religious SATANIC liberals and in their rejection of the following are suggesting that it is perfectly ok, that our schools, our society, do not train our children to be morally strong, and that such should be left to the Churches, and while that is a fine notion we all know there is a problem. Not all children go to church, OR WANT TOO,  and often churches do not teach and train, and instead they simply preach AND IS OTHERWISE BORING and ineffective at it's job of promoting with a bias good over evil.  Yet since churches are depended on to promote moral values, such ends up filling our prisons, and drains our economy of social services, and the sinners themselves suffer from all the behaviors and mistakes and problems, which they could of avoided if they had only been given the proper education and trained to be able to control themselves and their sinful tendencies. Churches must then be prepared to take on training people to not only be better workers, but more importantly, teach them to train themselves to daily be better people, with better beliefs, better habits, better qualities as a human being.


    I say it is not ok that our children are being taught by our schools and especially our media, to be free of things normally taught by religion, and allow themselves to be loose in sexual practices, and then killing their babies, and then believing that having a loose liberal society is somehow good for them.
    Our society needs an influential reversal, and while I would never suggest it be forced on people via behavioral laws, we can however implement RELIGIOUS programs which will establish a kind of influential push or constant driving force in the direction of moral rightness and self control to prevent looser and looser standards from becoming a social norm, because once people recognize things as a social norm, then it becomes literally normal, and society has for decades, been slowly dropping down, notch by notch, in it's standards, and if it continues it will not be long before we have hit rock bottom, and become a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

     We must draw the line, and limit this kind of progression into looser and looser ways of social norms, and while I may not present a perfect solution, I believe this proposal would be a positive step in that direction, and yet, preserve the common law freedom of the people to sin if they want too, as people must be free to choose,  and yet should be empowered to make intelligent informed decisions.  And be trained to be strong, where they may tend to be weak.



1) The basics :
a) Sociology 101, teaches a very clear concept, where by beliefs, determine our general attitudes, and then, our attitudes determines what position we will take when making any given decision, and our habit of decision making, is literally our behavior. Therefore, if we wish to change our behavior, then we must change the decisions which we are choosing to make daily, and to change that tendency to make a given decision, we must change our attitudes about that subject, and to change our Attitudes, we must change what we believe about that or any given subject.


A change of Belief=>different attitude=>different decision=>New Behavior.


For example  :   As Children, we maybe told not to touch a hot pan, but because we don't understand, and therefore do not believe in the threat of a hot pan, we may have an attitude which allows us to not be concerned when we decide to touch the hot pan, and we end up burning our fingers, which... immediately, establishes the belief that hot things, can burn, and we then understand what that means, and we have learned the consequences for doing so. Therefore next time we are confronted with a hot pan, our attitude will have changed, and we have been trained to know that it burns, and then our attitude will be one of caution, and so, we will likely, not touch the pan again, having learned to know better. (yet, sometimes, we end up touching the pan twice... or three times, before we change our beliefs!!.. ouch.)

    In life, we need not always make the mistake, in order to learn and be trained to know better than to make that mistake, and to do so, we must be given the knowledge (education) so that we can form an evidence and reason based belief, which will give us the proper attitude, which will allow us to make the right decision, and so, maintain a good and beneficial behavior, and avoid sin.  (Sin is bad, because it usually ends up BAD...  VERY BAD...   )

    For the past 10,000 years at the least, Religion has served that very beneficial role, of establishing a basic set of beliefs, which encourage us as humans to hold to very specific attitudes, and there by strengthen us, to be able to hold ourselves back from making bad decisions, and developing bad behaviors. And as is well known it's always those people who do not take those taught values seriously, or who never learned them at all, who hold different beliefs, and so, different attitudes, and as such may have no mental powers to control themselves from making a bad decision, and developing very bad behaviors, who end up doing bad things.

      Also, often, although we may of been taught better, and know better, and know that we should not do something, we may have never experienced enough of the consequences, or may not be fully aware of the consequences for doing so, such that, we end up touching the hot pan, or committing any number of sins, and unfortunately, if we succeed in doing so, and not getting burned, then it effects our beliefs, and adjusts our attitudes, with an experience that shows us that we can make that decision without getting burned, and that leads to making it easier to make those decisions again, and again, and again.  But eventually we will get burned, and it may be severe, and as such, those people who made the bad decisions, are literally victims of their bad beliefs, by not being properly trained to resist temptation, and who as such were somehow in their day to day lives over years, exposed to whatever negative influences they experienced which suggested making the bad decision in the first place, and having no skill at combating the evil suggested tendency to do excess drugs, steal, kill, rape, and or hurt all people or property and create victims to your weakness in the face of strong emotional, hormonal and biological urges. 

      We need to face facts, and that is that man is a wild and violent beast, unless trained and inspired to have high values and good reasons to be good, and fight on the side of goodness against evil, and violence.   (AND SO....  WE MUST CHOOSE TO TRAIN TO BE GOOD!!!)

    For example : There was a young 12 year old boy, who often watched wrestling on Tv, and then one day, he tried a wrestling move on his sister, and killed her.

 Was he a bad boy? Was he a bad seed?

    No... he was simply provided with an abundance of influences, which allowed him to have a bad attitude when it comes to contemplating doing those things he sees others doing everyday, and had he been educated by the wrestling show itself, or his parents, to understand clearly the differences between staged TV, and real fragile little girls, he could of been trained to have a better clearer belief, and so better attitudes, and would never of made the decision to practice wrestling moves on his little sister, and she would not of died.

    All of this understanding, is why we must recognize the power of influences most especially on children, and if they are exposed to negative influences, there must be some provision for educating the influenced to understand the limits of what we can believe about that influence, or subject, or any behavior by others.


A change of Belief=>different attitude=>different decision=>New Behavior.


And, Bad influences=> can change beliefs, and warp attitudes => bad behavior.




b)  Brain function....: It has been found that our brain works in very specific ways, and one of the ways, is that, when we develop a long term memory, and develop for example habits of behavior associated with it, that we form in our brains, neuron path ways (brain cell networks), where by when I say the word, APPLE, then you, as a person, hearing me say APPLE, your brain automatically, without any needed effort, instantly flashes through every neuron pathway associated with Apples which is common to you, whereas you may have thoughts which says, "you like apples" or, maybe your allergic to Apples, and so your brain immediately, flashes to the neurons associated with the warning "Dont eat apples" or "I dont like Apples" but either way, whether we are talking about apples or oranges or various forms of sin or Abortion, or any given subject, our brains automatically flash through what we have built up and recorded regarding that subject.

   For example : Tobacco... I myself (Mosheh Eesho Muhammad) smoked tobacco for 17 years, and when I thought of Tobacco, my brain would always flash through the neuron pathways I had developed over the years, and they consisted of.."I like Tobacco", "I like the taste of Tobacco", "I like holding the cigarette", "I like the smell", "It gives me something to do", "I like the way it makes me feel".. etc.. etc.. and so, every time I attempted to quit smoking, when I felt an urge to smoke, and thought of tobacco, my brain would automatically flash through all those thoughts out of habit, and time and time again, I would start smoking again, because my brain was wired with all the thoughts and ideas which made Tobacco appealing, and in my brain there was only a few vague ideas about wanting to quit, and when confronted, the side of my brain which was associated with liking Tobacco was strong, and the side associated with wanting to quit was weak and pathetic, and for 17 years I was a slave to Tobacco and I could never quit. (I tried over and over!)

    Then my mother (Mosheh's Mother), always trying to be a good influence, gave me a book, called Habitual Patterns of Thought, written by Paramahansa Yogananda, which discussed exactly that, and later studies confirmed the truth of the brain function it describes, which is very simple.    

        When we develop a habit of thought, such as "I like Tobacco", or "I enjoy smoking", these thoughts are represented in the brain by patterns of brain cell connections, as neural networks, and every time we think of those thoughts, we are reinforcing that pattern in the brain, and as such, the strength and ease of connectivity of those brain cells is high, because those thoughts are constantly being used, and reused, and so, they are kept healthy and strong, yet, at the same time, thoughts we use rarely, are not strong, and the neural pathways and the brain cell connections can be considered weak by comparison, such as when I said to myself "I want to quit".. those brain pathways were weak, and when I am challenged by trying to quit, I would always give in and smoke again, because the brain networks associated with liking tobacco were strong, and the ones against tobacco were weak and pathetic, and knowing this it becomes a matter of making a conscious effort, to change ones habits of thought.

       Because literally, if when we think of tobacco, we recognize that our brain is just following it's automatical function, we, the conscious human, can then, say, "no", and force our brain, to form new neural pathways, which says "I hate tobacco", "I hate the smell", "I hate the taste", and "I hate being a smoker".. in this way, by forcing our brain into focusing on forming new pathways, every day, over and over again, the old pathways begin to weaken, because they are no longer being used, as we are training our brain to form new better habits of thought.

       This process, however takes Months if not years, because our brain cells simply do not die off, and the connections do not simply vanish in a week, and it takes constant daily effort for several years, to stop the brain from following old habitual patterns of thinking, and to totally adopt new pathways of thinking, where by the old neuron connections grow weak and pathetic, and the new desired brain cell connections grow strong, and eventually, when the new habits of thought and it's associated brain cells networks and connections are strong, and the old are weak, then when we think of tobacco, our brain no longer automatically goes into the old ways of thinking, and instead, DUE TO OUR NEW HABIT, goes into the new ways of thinking, which we have trained our brain to do... WE CAN TRAIN OUR BRAIN TO THINK habitually. We can train ourselves and our brain into new habits of thinking, AND IN DOING SO, end our tendency to think in ways we dont like.

       The day I came to fully understand this, is the day I quit SMOKING TOBACCO cold turkey, and I have never smoked tobacco since, and while I may of had massive withdrawal symptoms, and super intense spiking urges, I was able to stay in complete control, by taking complete control of the habitual patterns of thoughts which I am allowing my brain to operate in.     Now.. when I think of Tobacco, I automatically think, "I HATE TOBACCO", " I HATE THE TASTE", " I HATE THE SMELL", "I HATE HOLDING IT", "I HATE LOOKING AT IT", "I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT".. and because of it, I was able to hold fast, and be strong in the face of massive urges, because by controlling ones habitual patterns of thinking, one is able to completely control their tendency to behave in any given way.

Which fits perfectly, with what is written above about Sociology 101, and where...


A change of Belief=>different attitude=>different decision=>New Behavior.



   Such that the key to changing ones views, is to have the will, the desire, and to have the wisdom of knowledge and truth to empower us to overcome what may be very bad habits of thinking, and those bad habits of thought, naturally lead us all ASTRAY into bad habits of behavior. And if we can control and train ourselves to develop beliefs and patterns of thought which are good for us, and are what we desire, then we can overcome all our negative tendencies, and become better people by doing so. But as I said, this cannot happen over night, and typically will require at least a year of re-wiring in order to make our new habits and beliefs strong, and allow our old beliefs and habits to grow weak and BEGIN to die off. Yet, by recognizing how our brain is functioning, we can take immediate control, and change our behavior today, right now, yet, the thoughts of the old habits and ways, will pop up, and if we are not diligent, we may slip. Which is why we must focus, on recognizing when we are having those old habits of thought, and say "NO".. "I dont want to think that way!", and then... tell ourselves and make ourselves think the other new way, by saying the words, over and over, and meaning them, and in time, it stops requiring effort, because it literally becomes a HABIT.

I do not want to eat those empty extra calories.

I do not want a dirty fucking cigarrette.

I like the feeling of hunger, it means I'm burning fat.

I do not need any more cholesterol today.

I will not buy those unhealthy foods right now, or ever.

I am in control of my mind, and my pathetic bad lusts are no longer in charge.

I am strong, and getting stronger every day.

I know I can, put it down right now, and will.. am..  putting it down...   now.

I like this feeling of being strong and proving myself against my own evil tendencies, it makes me feel better, because I know I can be strong, and that I literally am strong, right now.

I am not a weak piece of shit, I am God's child.



c)  Education...: The most powerful means of altering our behavior and strengthening our minds to overcome what maybe bad behavior or bad habits, or tendencies, is to recognize the power of education in the form of self teaching.

As discussed here...=> EDUCATION

The learning of something new, is not always accomplished by having someone teach it to you, or in the case of Morals, having someone preach it to you, and instead, for the information and or skills to stick, you must take a personal interest in it, and then, apply a proper study method in order to retain the information, and to establish the long term memories, and the neural networks to go with them, so as to be able to recall, and remember the information in the future.

   This, is why teachers, go over the information several times, over several days, and do testing, so as to serve the function of allowing the brain to do it's automatic function of transferring short term memories into long term memory storage. And this is where the benefit of going to church every sunday for years and years is found, and in Bible study, because while the general concepts of Morality may be few and easily understandable and even easily memorizable, it is the act of reading and contemplating all the vast scripture and texts, which allows and causes the brain to form habits of thinking, and patterns of thinking based on the those scriptures, such that the constant considerations and stories, and preaching and teaching, allows the person to have a vast array of experience in contemplating right and wrong, and in doing so they are able to develop the mental fiber in the form of very strong brain cell connections, to follow those moral principles, when confronted with the opportunity to sin.

d)  Put another way... We must train ourselves via various means into Protecting the self, by locking up the devil, by empowering our angels.     Which means, that in our daily lives, we are confronted with endless opportunities to do all manner of things.. in various endless situations, and it is natural as part of our Ying / Yang universe, that in any given circumstance, the analogy of a devil and angel popping up on our shoulders and whispering in our ears is very fitting. Such that at any given situation, since we know good from bad, knowing Good from Evil, that we are given both as suggestions from our brain.

For example...: We see an old woman having trouble crossing the street, our Devil will jump and say... "hey.. go and trip that old bag!".. while our Angel will say..."No.. be nice to her, and help her across the street".. and then its a question of who we are more in the habit of listening to.

When we see a 10 dollar bill drop from a persons pocket, our Devil will quickly jump up and say..."Hey, 10 bucks, go get it and spend it on booze!".. while our Angel, will say.."No, pick it up and give it back to that person!"

When we see a building under construction, our Devil may say.."Hey come back here tonight and burn it to the ground!".. while our Angel will say.."No.. dont be crazy, it will destroy property and we could go to jail!!!, AND ITS NOT WORTH IT."


Therefore in life, in every situation it comes down to whether we listen to our Devil or our Angel, and that is determined by our basic beliefs, and our associated Attitudes, and again, by the habitual patterns of thought, and whether our good or bad thoughts are habitually strong or weak, and whether we have the education and experience and background in order to empower our Angel enough so as to be able to provide the abundant and clear and worthwhile arguments to overcome the suggestions of our personal Devil.


And that... is the essence of my proposal, which is to say that in order to rebuild the moral fiber of our nation AND WORLD, we must take the steps to actively empower our people to strengthen their Angels, so as to be able to lock up our personal Devils, so that while that Devil may scream from his cage, it should be our personal Angel who is in charge, and the only way that Angel can be in charge is if that Angel is trained, and educated, and given the powers of controlling the habits of our brain enough so as to counter all the evil suggestions which may pop into our brain, most of which are not entirely evil, but may instead, only be an expression of our desires to sin in some fashion, which has been encouraged and influenced and motivated by a media promoting sin, LEADERS, and a school system which teaches tolerance for sinful behavior, and a prison system, which rather than rehabilitating and training prisoners, or even really punishing them, only crowds them together, and forces them by circumstance to watch the negative influence of the Media, and increase there bad habits of thinking by allowing them to socialize and discuss their crimes, with no incentives towards self improvement.  It must be stopped.




   I am here to say to America AND THE WORLD, that our entire system is broken, and is biased and is serving the function of promoting the degradation of the very fabric of society, and it must change before our people descend into completely loose secular ways and we find ourselves like a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, which promotes the concept that if it feels good go with it, which sadly is expressed daily in our media, and is the essense of Satanism.


     We want a secular government, and a separation of church and state, but that system only works if we have a moral people, and unless we begin to train our people and rehabilitate our criminals, the very fabric of society will continue to collapse until every loose and immoral behavior of sin, becomes a social norm.


Where do we draw the line????????
I say we must draw it today, before its too late.























2) The Media at large :

Advertising works, and media campaigns to adjust public opinion work, and is very clear evidence, that our modern media must in some way be held accountable for the decline of our society by the promotion of violence, and loose sexual practices all over the TV, in music, on Bill boards, on Radio, and on so many shows as to border on the large scale promotion of Satanic principles.

   I would never suggest censorship, but I do promote something which is CONTENT AND CONTEXT BASED FORM OF public censorship, by changing the COST OF PRODUCING THAT quality of the content and context when a given show or product is advertised to the public at large.. For example, if since sex sells, then a show or station or commercial, should simple be fined to allowed them advertise with sex in open public(BILL BOARDS), or express a content or context of sex in public advertising. In this way, various programs can choose to show wild loose sexual behavior as it may sell more and get better ratings, but they should not be allowed to advertise the sex itself as part of it's public advertising campaign (BILL BOARDS, Tv Ad's) unless they pay a public fine for their negative influence, since an AD in public view will also advertise that same suggestive behavior to the young.   Since advertising works, it (MEDIA)  should not be allowed to use advertisements, in public where random children may be exposed to the dangers of the suggestion of loose immoral ways of those characters portrayed on any given show (BILL BOARD AD'S AND TV AD'S), and those shows should be given a rating based on the level of negative influence, and so parents can more easily censor their TV's. because the present rating system is woefully inadequate since while many shows may not show nudity or sex acts, they show intent, and beliefs and attitudes which suggest that it's all great, and serves as a societal motivating programming to warp the minds of the public into wanting the sin filled lifestyles they are watching other people live on TV....   Fact..  Advertizing works...    and humans mimic.

   The same detailed ratings should be applied to all the broadcast content of sex, violence, and drugs, and criminal or deviant behaviors, where typically, a few adjustments would provide the same level of entertainment but without the characters needing to represent the worst kind of people with expressed beliefs which are themselves a negative influence.


   In life the beliefs and attitudes of those we grow up around, have a profound effect on the development of our minds and our beliefs, and our own attitudes, and since so many children are growing up with Television, it behooves our society to make sure that that influence is a positive one, which everyone knows, is no longer the case, because sin, foul language and sex, and violence sells, and if it does, then there should be no problem with limiting it, by perhaps offering a lower tax rate for those clearly clean and positive shows.
 We don't need or want censorship, but we do need a way to pressure the media industry to clean up their act, and reward those who promote clean positive values.

  I realize this maybe difficult to do, but the media must be held to account for it's part in influencing our society and it's development!     And yet, not ruining the sometimes excellent stories and adventures which are often presented.    And at the same time, prevent things like a  16 year old girl, like Mylee Cyrus from dancing on stripper poles, and keep shows like Melrose place, from using the suggestion of sex in all their Bill Board Ads, and reduce the blatant display of Strippers on Bill Boards, and prevent local cities such as West Hollywood, from enacting their own loose standards, which allows for giant ads with men in skin tight underwear, or group mock sex acts to sell  cologne or clothing.               We must draw the line, and the only way to do this is to expand the rating system to include intent, and context and suggestion, and apply fines and taxes as the means to incourage clean ads, and cleaner shows, by hitting the bottom line, via taxes and fines. 


      Of course this is not the same as a fairness doctrine, since especially in the expression of political opinion, there should be no deterrent to free speech and expression, EVER, and yet, an un-biasness could be promoted by providing a tax cut, as an incentive to make the media more fair, in this way the fairness doctrine is volluntary and would help the bottom line of these media news Tv and Radio programs, such that we provide them with a profit based incentive to follow a fairness guideline, as much as they are able, and be able to allow for more open discussion and debate, rather than one sided bias, yet, at the same time, not making such mandatory, as such would crush free speech, and we must never do so.





3) The School systems :
Typically, the secular proponents of separation of church and state, would argue that Morals are for Churches to teach, and yet, they must admit, that only a small percentage of students are going to church, and those that do, spend perhaps one hour a week there, and do little by way of education and training, such that it is ridiculous to believe that the churches can possibly be able to serve this function, in competition with TV and Schools, therefore I would propose to have schools simply add a few courses to their yearly schedules, which would be in the form of courses in religion, ethics, morality, self discipline, and the application of training exercise from early age, based on what has been discussed above, to empower students from an early age, to recognize their ability to control their own minds, and habits of thought, and to have the strength of will to overcome what might be any number of negative tendencies they may develop as they age, and to understand the basics of the moral codes taught by all world religions, from the Golden rule, the Ten commandments, and the teachings of the Buddha, etc.. etc... As typically, these kinds of courses are only offered in Colleges, but by the time a student gets to college their brain has already been shaped, and their ability to develop moral habits is far less than if those same courses were offered to middle and junior high school students.

      There should be a focus, to empower the young to gain the strength of mind and character, so that they do not make the mistakes in the first place, because the evidence shows, once the person, especially as a child, begins to sin, and make a habit of sinning, whether it is sex, or stealing, or violence, or drugs, that the tendency to continue in this habitual pattern of behavior is made easier, and easier, until they are locked into habits of ways, which make it that much harder for any given individual to change and overcome their developed tendencies and as such, become victims of them, by being allowed by our system to slip further and further down their own personal hole, and it behooves our schools to do all it can to train them to develop moral fiber and to understand the consequences for sin, and how there are no true benefits, and that such paths lead to prison, and the destruction of their lives and potentially their souls.
     The fact is, we cannot expect our churches or Mosques to teach morality to America or the world,  because most children are not going to church, and even if they do, the level of exposure is so small as to be woefully inadequate, and the only solution is to offset this missing influence by providing it everyday, in our schools system, which is not to say that we must promote any one religion but instead we can promote all of them in a general sense, where the focus is on the values and moral concepts of behavior and why they should be followed, rather than the spiritual implications, and in doing so, the atheist and secular activists will have little to argue about, unless they dare to oppose humanist moral values which are copies of most religious values.


    If we are going to rely on the school system to teach our children, then that same school system must be empowered to teach all subjects in benefit to students, early on, which includes self discipline, morals, ethics, and decency, and that will require yearly courses in world religions, Sociology, and the influence of reading various texts of worth in the effort to instill these concepts and to develop good habits of belief and behavior so as to prevent them from sinning in the first place.

4) The Prison Systems :
Next to training our children at a young age to understand brain function, and train them to learn how to control their own habits of thinking, we must, provide a form of concentrated education, and self empowerment training to our adult prison populations, because the evidence shows, that with light punishment as it is provided today, our prison populations are not being rehabilitated.

   First of all, the most key issue, is that the Constitution of the U.S.A. must be restored as law, and with it, the people are set free, and also, the light punishment of the modern statute system ends, and the ACLU is re-organized, and convicted criminals then, NO LONGER get light sentences, with a soft mattress and a TV, and long social periods, but instead, are provided common law justice, which is a tough mattress, if any, and chain gang hard labor, working 6 days a week, to repay their debt to society with a shovel or sledge hammer in their hands, and as such, having to suffer real serious punishment, would serve as the first means of educating the people who fall and sin, and commit crimes, so that they learn the consequences for their actions, and like the child and the hot pan, feel the burn, and understand why they should not commit these offenses again.

    With the reinstatement of real punishment for crimes, convicts should be FORCED to involve themselves in rehabilitation efforts, as described above, where by they must attend education courses in religious studies, and must, themselves read, and take detailed notes, and be tested on those notes, and forced to do what I term as self imposed psycho-analysis, where by they attempt to address their own life, their experiences, and track down the root causes of their behavior, attitudes, and beliefs, and the core issues, which motivated them to commit crime, and discuss all of it in groups, and assist each other in their effort at self improvement. And more over they must be instructed to fully understand the concept of controlling their habitual patterns of thought, and given training efforts to attempt to do so, using notes and self imposed psycho-analysis, and educated and educated and educated, to develop a sense of empathy for the victims of their crimes, and most importantly of all, to empower their own personal Angel and strengthen it, so that on a daily basis, it is trained and given weapons and skills, and reason, and logic, so as to kick the shit out of their personal devil, which in their lives has been a major enemy to them being able to live good and clean lives, and stay out of prison. They must train to lock up their Devils, and empower their Angels to stand on both shoulders, and have many good real and worthwhile arguments for doing and living as good people, and avoid sin.

   Religion should be encouraged in as much as prisoners are willing, and most of all, these rehab efforts must be mandatory, where by doing so, they can have hope for a change in behavior, and so do self education and training and those who choose not to TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, are absolutely required to do their full time, and their honest participation or refusal to work on self improvement would be used as evidence at any parole hearing, as evidence of character. AND moreover, if they fail to change their ways, and self improve, and commit more crime when released, then they can have full knowledge, that in prison, not only will they be doing hard labor, but they will be doing intense study and educational efforts, all of which is designed to provide self improvement, one way or another.

   And it should be in these courses, that an attempt is made to identify what personal social and educational skills these individuals may be lacking, such as reading, writing and arithmetic, and in many cases, they may all require what would be the equivalent of charm school, to learn and develop good manners, and mannerisms, and improve themselves as members of society, so that they may feel confident in their ability to succeed in efforts besides crime, and sin.


   We must remember, that all sinners and so all criminals, are themselves victims, of their own bad beliefs, which they did not teach themselves, and they learned due to circumstances, and a flawed educational system, which allows them to slip through the cracks, and end up on the streets, with flawed attitudes, which lead them into ways of decision making and behavior which resulted in the commission of sin after sin after sin, and crimes, which eventually lead to their downfall and incarceration, and since the system failed them once, it behooves that system to try again, as adults, in prison, they can be forced to work, 6 days a week, and be trained in all the ways they should of been trained at when they were children.

    As is well known, if a sinner, was to give himself over to religion, such as to Jesus, that the person, can gain great strength from doing so, and if they are sincere, and committed to their conversion or their repentance, then indeed they can change their lives, because the power of faith and belief in an outside force greater than ourselves can be all we truly need, and for those who can do so, it is a blessing, but often times, a man's intent is good, and his desire to change is real, but they continue to fall, and live as weak men, no matter how hard they try to live up to their obligation of repentance, and this discussion here, is meant to address an understanding where by those kinds of sinners, could be empowered to understand the cause of their weakness and knowing how and why they fail, they may find the wisdom to continue in their path of repentance, and would then find the strength they may lack due to doubt, fear and self loathing.


     It is never too late for a bad man to repent for his sins, and turn to godly, and good ways of living and behaving, and while many would suggest that repentance is all they need, the truth is, with repentance they may have all the best intentions, but unless they have the strength of will, and character, and understand how it is that they can change their ways, then history and the evidence shows, many will continue to fall from grace, and sin again, and again, and again, and I know full well it is possible to strengthen these convicts, so that they can become good people once again, and live as prosperous and beneficial parts of our society. Which of course has nothing to do with their actual salvation as provided by faith in Jesus Christ, and this entire effort is about how we can as people more easily live up to our obligations to be the good person we wish to be. We can all, as humans, strive to be like Jesus, and by taking on that goal or task, we automatically give Jesus reign and control over our lives, and we can be considered as servants to Jesus himself as we build the kingdom of God.




    We must ask, how is that good little boys and girls grow up to become such bad men and women?

    As I have discussed here, it is a matter of influences, education, and the development of beliefs, and attitudes, which lead to habits of thinking, and habits of behavior, which, once we start down the wrong path, it becomes more and more difficult to turn around. So, unless we can train them as children to avoid the wrong paths to begin with, when they are young, then it is our societal responsibility to help them as adults, and train them to build a bridge, to over come the massive moral and self control gap which has lead them astray, and allow them to, with that bridge, to access the right path again. But, it takes years to build that bridge, and years, is exactly what they have in prison, and I suggest they should spend it building those bridges.


     Nothing is ever perfect, but the 3 million people in prison today must not be abandoned to their lives of sin, and should be helped by the society which raised them, and every step possible taken to empower the old and the young to have the strength of character, and wisdom, to avoid or overcome being habitual sinners.


We are all in this together, and we must help each other battle the Devil which lives within our hearts, and we must train our young to be strong when faced with the challenges of living in what is often a sinful world.


-Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Al-faraj Thezion