self improvement  : SELF BRAINWASHING , a how to guide.

How to start :

You are ready to start.

Consider the two links above. :      EDUCATION    and   MORALS / VALUES 

EDUCATION will show you HOW TO study  properly for rapid success.

MORALS / VALUES  will show you HOW TO be wise and careful in  choosing who you WANT TO BE.      We must choose wisely, and plan carefully.

Begin and commit to a future life of constant education.

Recognize who and what you now are compared to what you could be, if you applied yourself.

We set up a personal PLAN OF ACTION,  based on where we are presently, and where we want to be and then we set about taking the logical steps and using the found methods to pursue our goals.

It is a mandatory part of membership in the Empirical Order, or any of it's Churches, or Mosques, etc, that all members engage in weekly efforts towards self improvement.  You work hard five days a week, on the sixth day you work on self improvement, and on the seventh day you rest.

   The choices to be made in self improvement are for each individual to make on their own, hence the term SELF BRAINWASHING, as no person on earth is more capable or qualified to brain wash your brain other than yourself, for the purposes of cleaning out the old and bad, and replace it with the new and desirable ways and habits of being we all seek for ourselves.