self improvement  : SELF BRAINWASHING , a how to guide.

Education :    If you go and ask a Junior and or High school teacher, what is their job, really???


  If they are honest they will tell you, that their job, literally, IS TO TEACH THE STUDENTS WHAT IS IN THE BOOKS, because it is a fact, that most American students, WON'T READ THE BOOKS, and the teachers job is to make up for the students laziness, and teach what is in the books, and to drum it in, over and over again, because often, even if the students read the books, they generally do not use proper study methods, and SO, do NOT retain the information.


(Not reading + a lack of study skills = a need for a teacher!)


Proposed solutions for efforts in Education :


(As should be clear, as a member of the Empirical Order, one is expected to understand the concepts of this text, and use it towards self teaching, without the need for a teacher.) 


a) Since it is a fact that most students, don't read the books, and do not employ proper study technics, the main solution to our failing school system nation wide, is to fundamentally change the goals and efforts of the schools, to teach one thing above all else, which is to teach the ability to self teach, in other words, teach the students to teach themselves, via reading, note taking, and proper study technics so as to actually retain the knowledge.
Our modern school system, is literally training students to believe that if they ever want to learn something that they MUST be taught it directly by someone else, when in fact they need only have the will to acquire the books, and read and study them properly, so as to gain the knowledge quickly in short order, and then to apply that knowledge so as to gain applicable skills in using it.    As such, the teachers job, should be only to lead those application efforts, run testing, answer questions, and to help students who are having difficulty grasping what can often be a badly written book.



b) The brain, and it's function and operation as memory is well established in the sciences, which is to say... We as humans, each day we see and experience many thousands of things and details, 99% of which are not worth remembering, and are easily forgotten, but it is those things and details, which for whatever reason, WE remember several times a day, and several times in a week, that causes the info we placed into the center brain (short term memory), to be moved into the larger outer brain (long term memory). Such that ONLY if an image or idea is re-examined several times a day, and then recalled and re-examined the next day, and the next, then and only then does the brain recognizes this detail, image,or idea, as being worth storage in the long term memory, and then it does so, automatically, simply because that information was re-examined and refreshed an adequate number of times during a day or week.
   That is how the brain function of memory works, and has little to do with ones intellegence, and has everything to do with the study technic one uses in attempting to retain information. Such that reading a book once, DOES NOT WORK, in fact reading in itself will not allow for the storage of the information for longer than a week, which is why our students in America, and globally are suffering so badly, and our schools are failing left and right.

If I were President, I would put forward a Bill or Amendment, demanding that our school systems nation wide change fundamentally their methods and teaching effort, such that it should be made mandatory that the focus from early elementary school, be the teaching of students to make as an unforgettable habit, the use of a proper study technic, and that technic is as follows.


1) You must be willing to read. And do so.

2) As you read each paragraph of text, you take notes, in a notebook, and you write down in summary form, every detail from that paragraph which is worth remembering, such as names, dates, reasons, and details. Then you read the next paragraph and do the same, adding more notes. (note the stuff you want to remember.)
(And use different note books, for different subjects and books)

3) With each day, before you read more of the same book, you go over your old notes, and re-examine each detail you choose to record, and you ask yourself, if you remember this? What it means? Why you wrote it down? And if you understand it? And if you don't, then you go back through the book, and refresh the data. THEN, and only then, do you continue to read more, and add more notes to your note book. (Daily refreshing)

4) With each passing day, you re-read your notes, and do self testing to question your retention of the information, and you question your understanding of it, and what those notes mean, and you continue to do this, each day until, your note book, is literally a summary of all the valuable and worthwhile information in any given book.

5) Then by re-examining those notes, daily, and weekly, you force the brain to literally record ALL that information as being very important, and worth long term storage, and it happens automatically. And the more you re-examine your old notes, monthly, and yearly, the greater the level of retention and the easier it is to recall that information when needed.


   This method works, and it is what is missing in our nations schools, and if applied and demanded of our students, we can be sure our students could be the best and brightest on earth, by applying proper study methods which make the effort of retention simple and natural and literally an automatic function, instead of a difficult task.


    The only difference between genius people, and normal people, is how many times they must refresh the information before it becomes a long term memory.


   Some will argue, that this is not practical, and that most students simply will not do so, but last time I checked, students were not in charge of the schools. And it behooves the school system to, at an early age, make this method a daily practice, by running each class in this way, where during the first half of class, students are required to read and take notes, and then during the second half, they are required to discuss and compare their notes, and ask questions of the teacher based on these notes, everyday, year after year, such that by High School, the students will not be allowed to avoid these methods, and they will instead be empowered to progress over time, such that by the time they graduate High school, they should be completely free of the need for a teacher, and be fully prepared for College. (Presuming College was advanced to handle this level of student.)
   This same methodology applies to developing the working skills as well, as is well known it is the application of repetition in doing and practicing the skill over and over again, that in time allows the person to make use of that skill without requiring to think about it, due to the preseting of detailed neural net pathways established to be able to handle that skill as a well trained habit, and so, it can be done with ease, if, and only if the student is trained daily over long periods of time, to use and develop those skills, which follows the same parameters as learning and memorization of bulk knowledge, where the goal is to establish working networks of brain cells associated with those skills or habits of thinking.


SEE...=>   MORALS / VALUES     Where we see that training and habit is key, to not only good math skills, but life skills as well.


Straight A students do these methods already, and it is the only difference between them, and C, and D, and F students.


  These good and bad habits are learned, and if a student does not develop these A student study methods, then the school system is to blame.



Give a man a fish, and he will be hungry the next day.
Teach a man to fish, and he can feed himself everyday.



Teach a student, and the student becomes dependant on teachers.
Teach a student to teach themselves, and there is no limit to their potential success.


-Mosheh Eesho Muhammad Al-faraj Thezion